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The mission statement and sole purpose of the Global Property Management Group Inc., is:

To manage properties for corporations that invests in real estate. To monitor the property goals on a regular basis in order to ensure ongoing compliance for the owner, to provide counseling, training, and education in workshop format and one-on-one counseling for low income renters and homebuyers. To provide down payment assistance to qualified borrowers in conjunction with an approved loan product. To create public/private partnerships to manage, develop and build new affordable housing. To manage and rehabilitate multi-family and single-family housing, and to create affordable housing for the community.

CDPCN founded Global Property Management Group, Inc. (GPMG) in 2002. CDPCN recognized if it were going to continue building affordable multi-family housing developments, we should ultimately become the property manager to meet our property management goals, protect and ensure the daily operational management interest and cash flow. Compliance with income and rent-targeting goals of the low-income housing tax credit programs were very critical considerations. In order to achieve the goals and objectives of Congress, our equity Investors, and the IRS, Global Property Management Group was created. GPMG has been in operation for more than 17 years and has leased more than 1000 apartments units and continues to manage nine different apartment developments.

Global Property Management Group, Inc. has state-of-the-art computers and software for tracking, record keeping, bookkeeping, and reports. Diversified abilities of staff members include people skills, speaking the required languages for the area, performing maintenance, the expertise that relates to laws of fair housing, Owner/tenant relations, the requirements of low-income housing tax credits, meeting the requirements of the IRS and of course those of the equity partners.

The National Stabilization Program is a two step program. First, we find a qualified tenant per the required NSP guidelines, and second, as property manager we must ensure continued compliance with the program. Care must be exercised to ensure the most restrictive of these requirements are met.

As a property manager we are responsible for annual income tax fillings, quarterly filings to The city of North Las Vegas, and periodic compliance audits. In addition, the property manager must monitor project goals as well as tenants, on a regular basis in order to ensure ongoing compliance for GPMG, the NSP, and the City of North Las Vegas. These are the goals Global Property Management Group, Inc. was formed to meet. We have a clear set of principles for the management of this non-profit corporation. We have spent considerable time and energy ensuring that these standards are met, either by us as the property manager, and or in partnership with other contract managers.

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